Electrical Pigtail ConnectorGENERAL DESCRIPTION:
This Connector should be used to electrically connect two or three wire ends and insulate the connection.
This product is to be used for thermoplastic insulated wires.
For use on solid or stranded, tinned or untinned with wire size of 0,5-2.5 mm2 copper conductors.

This Connector is Constructed with:

  • U-contact - Tin plated brass 0,5 mm thick
  • Insulator - Flame retardant nylon with white clear body and blue cap
  • The filling compound is prepared from fully synthetic dimethylsiliconefluid
  • Insert 2 or 3 unstripped wires and push these all the way into the end of the connector
  • Double check that the position of the wire is all the way in.
  • Use a crimping tool to push the blue end cap down. It should be flush with the top edge of the connector body.
  • The connection is now insulated and ready to use.

Download: Product Data Sheet

Connector volts: 600 volts maximum

For use with common thermoplastic insulated wires:
0.5 mm - 3 amps
0.75 mm - 5 amps
1 mm - 7 amps
1.5 mm - 12 amps
2.5 mm – 15 amps

All materials are suitable for operation in the tropics with a maximum temperature of up to 70°C
All materials used in the connectors shall be non-toxic and dermatologically safe.

Connectors can retain the electrical and mechanical properties in the test report over working temperatures range -30° C to 70° C and humidity of 0% to 95%C