Multipurpose self-fusing silicone tape

  • An advanced tape that creates an airtight, watertight seal in seconds.
  • Tolerates extreme temperatures from -54˚C to 260˚C.
  • Resists UV, moisture, oxygen, oil, most chemicals, and salt water.
  • Can be applied under water.
  • Acts as an insulator up to 400 volts/mil.
  • Stretches by 400%, moulding easily around irregular shapes.
  • Will never leave a sticky residue!


30 12.5 kg  21 x 32 x 44 cm
  • Seals leaking pipes, hoses, tubing and fittings.
  • Domestic repairs to your washing machine, vacuum cleaner, drain, garden, or pool cleaner hoses.
  • Electrical cable insulation and sealing.
  • Temporary automotive repairs to your radiator hose, fuel line, or air hose.
  • Non-slip grip for tool handles.
  • Boat rigging repairs.
  • Corrosion protection.

and even more...

  • Emergency Repairs (Plumbing, Electrical etc)
  • Emergency Radiator Hose Repairs: Emergency Insulating and Barrier Tape
  • Automotive Repair Tape
  • Jacketing High Voltage Terminations
  • Motor Lead Insulation
  • Boat Rigging Wrap
  • Flexible Heater Repairs
  • Extension cord “Connection” Wrap
  • Tool Handle Wrapping
  • “Final Wrap” for Electrical Distribution Connections
  • Power and Hand Tool Insulation
  • Underwater Uses
  • Fishing Industry Uses
  • Military Applications
  • Insulating Generator Coils
  • Temporary Hose Repairs
  • Harness Wrapping: Automotive, Aircraft, Protective
  • Auto Exhaust Wrapping
  • RV Hook-up Protective Wrap and RV Repair
  • Jet Ski Electrical Protection
  • Vacuum Cleaner Hose Repairs
  • Re-wrap Sailboard Wishbones
  • Boat Rigging Wrap and Protective Boat wiring wrap
  • Boat Power Hook-Up Protective Wrap
  • Salt Waterproof Wrap
  • Marine Bumper Use
  • Marine Exhaust and Hose Repairs
  • Use as “Mast Boost”
  • Boat Deck Fitting Wrapping; Bandages, Splintery Boat Rails
  • Bundle “Whipping Rope” Ends
  • Sailboat Chafe Protection
  • Fishing Rod Guide and Grip Tape
  • Home Repairs, Garden Hose Repair
  • Bat, Tennis, Racquetball Grips
  • Flexible Heater Repairs
  • Wrapping of Wire Rope “Ends”
  • Aircraft Harness Wrapping
  • Cooling System Repairs
  • Wrapping irregular shapes
  • Insulation for Radioactive Environments
  • Protection for Hoses and Pipes Against vibration, Hose Leaks, elements
  • No residue masking tape
  • Wrap for Corrosion Protection
  • Remove the plastic film.
  • Stretch the Silicone Tape to at least twice its length before applying
  • Extend the wrap by 3 to 4 cm on either side of the repair point.
  • Overlap each wrap by 50%
  • Overlap the first and last wraps by 100%
  • Repeat the process should additional layers be neccessary

Non-pressure repairs: wind the tape around the item 3 to 4 times.
Pressure repairs: wind the tape around the item 6 to 7 times


  • Do not reposition the tape after it has been in place for longer than 20 seconds.
  • Clean repair area before application.
  • Avoid getting dirt, grime or grease between the layers of tape during application as this will reduce the bonding capability of its surfaces.
  • The tape cannot be reused once it has been applied.